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2023 Mind Your Coaching Institute

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Join us at the Mind Your Coaching Institute!

As you close out this school year and prepare for the next, reflecting on the work you've done and the impact you've made is probably top of mind. How were you able to support teachers' growth and development? What could you have done to make your coaching work more impactful? What worked? What didn't? What do you need to change and how will you do it?

All of these questions and more may be roaming through your head. Fortunately, I'm here with a team of coaching colleagues to help you answer all of those questions PLUS give you ideas to take your next steps. You will be able to walk into the new school year as a better coach! 

Welcome to the Mind Your Coaching Institute, created by Melanie D. Matthews-Calhoun. This remarkable one-day, LIVE learning event was created especially for educators looking to transform their ordinary coaching habits into an extraordinary coaching practice. Whether you are a teacher leader, aspiring coach, new coach, veteran coach, instructional leader, or administrator, the Mind Your Coaching Institute is for you!

Over the years we have had some powerful keynote addresses. In 2021, we had the pleasure of Elena Aguilar providing our keynote address. In 2022 we were proud to have Cassandra Williams, of Educational Innovation 360° provide our first LIVE keynote address. This year we are honored to have Dr. Stephanie Affinito, Teacher Educator at the University of Albany!

​We also have an amazing lineup of accomplished educators bringing their thoughtfully created sessions to the MYCI. Each speaker's topic is tailored just for this institute and designed to reignite, transform, and up-level your current coaching strategies. 

If you are ready to reboot, regain and reimagine your zest for coaching, you are definitely in the right place. We welcome you to the 2022 Mind Your Coaching Institute!

Here's what's in it for you! Registration includes: 

  • A 5-hour LIVE Institute
  • The Institute Replay - Full access for 60 days!
  • Institute Workbook
  • All Pre-recorded Sessions​​
  • Coaching Round Table Coaching Conversation (Recording)
  • Expert Interviews (Prerecorded)
  • Certificate of Attendance

LIVE Speakers

The Productivity with Ease Blueprint - Coaches Edition - Erica Harrell

This session will focus on how to manage your time and tasks efficiently. This blueprint will provide step-by-step guidance on how to prioritize tasks, eliminate distractions, and use technology to streamline workflow. Attendees will learn how to effectively manage their workload to reduce stress and increase productivity. The blueprint will also cover time management strategies such as goal-setting, delegating responsibilities, and using tools like calendars, to-do lists, and project management software. By the end of the presentation, instructional coaches will have a clear understanding of how to manage their workload with ease, allowing them to achieve their goals, effectively support their teachers, meet deadlines, and find more time for the things that matter most.

The Coaching Calling Card - Thania J. Oller

Starting the year off right (either as a new or an experienced coach) is key to success! A Coaching Calling Card allows you to express your coaching vision. How do you create one before school begins this fall? By following the steps: Reflect, Envision, Design, Launch, Sustain! Come engage in this workshop to start the year off full of coaching zest!

Using the A.P.P.L.E Approach for Effective Instructional Coaching - Chelnor Griffin

During this information-packed presentation, you will be given the tools and tips needed to effectively coach the teachers you serve and support in your building or district. The A.P.P.L.E approach is a method I created as a new coach to ensure that I provide effective coaching in my building. With this approach, instructional coaches look at coaching from the vantage point of the acronym A.P.P.L.E. which means coaching with Achievement and being Adept, having a Perspective for coaching and the Perseverance needed for coaching in today's schools, being a Life-Long learner, and coaching with Equity and Excellence. 

The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Instructional Coaching - Nicka Flint

This presentation centers on the importance of having emotional intelligence as an instructional coach. One of the most important pieces of instructional coaching is the foundation of relationships. An aspect of relationship building is emotional intelligence. This presentation will focus on the following:

1. Reviewing the subsets of emotional intelligence such as Self Awareness, Social Awareness, Relationship Management and Self Management.

2. Recognizing one's own emotional intelligence, and

3. Using that information as a foundation to serve and support others.

Crafting the Path of Least Resistance in Coaching Conversations - Linda Rhyne

Coaching doesn’t always allow for the path of least resistance. In fact, we are often set on a path of working with teachers who are full of resistance. Or, we work with teachers who welcome our classroom visit, and what we see surprises us. How do we approach these coaching conversations from a stance of safety that also pushes the teacher’s growth? In this session, we will discuss how planning that includes clear goals, carefully designed questions, anticipated responses, and objective artifacts can smooth our paths with teachers. Together, we will work through case studies to hone our skills and leave feeling empowered with a planning tool that supports our planning process. 

Prerecorded Speakers

Improving Coaching Relationships Through Engaging Thematic Workshops - Tanisha Boyd

Coaching teachers begins with creating connections and building relationships. In this session, instructional coaches will learn how to use thematic workshops to begin the process of breaking down barriers between the coach and teacher. Workshops are not about performance; they are about strengthening teachers. Workshops allow teachers and coaches to let down their guard and exist in a space of give and get.

In this session, coaches will learn how to use the workshop stage to engage and excite teachers about instruction while creating an opportunity to build a relationship with the coach. At the end of this session, not only will coaches be equipped to create engaging workshops that win over new and veteran teachers, but they will also feel reenergized to get back to the business of coaching.

Get Out of the Cafeteria & Get Into Those Classrooms: 3 Innovative Ways to Visit More Classrooms - Kahlia Lindsay

With staffing shortages and the need to do “other duties as assigned,” instructional coaches and administrators often find themselves tasked with doing everything except for what they were hired to do. In “Get Out of the Cafeteria & Get Into Those Classrooms,” instructional coaches, specialists, and administrators will learn three simple, yet powerful ways to balance the outside demands of their position and support their teachers’ instructional growth and support. This session is designed to reignite and re-prioritize classroom visitation. 

Coaching for Change: How to inspire moves toward educational equity for English Learners - Risa Woods

Multilingual Learners (sometimes referred to as English Learners or English Language Learners) are one of the fastest growing demographic of students in the United States. Unfortunately, many educators are not properly prepared for the unique needs of these students and how to meet their needs. As coaches, we may see educators struggle to reach these students and feel ill-equipped ourselves on what to do.

In this session, you will learn how to guide teachers with mindsets and strategies for educating Multilingual Learners, even when we aren't yet experts ourselves.

This session will spark your love of coaching by encouraging you, challenging you, and growing your expertise.

Sparking Up Conversation: Coaching Teachers to Integrate Math Discourse into the their Lessons - Courtney Tate

This session is developed to equip instructional coaches with practical strategies to support teachers as they integrate math discourse in the classroom.

During this learning experience, attendees will:

  • Discuss the five practices to facilitate math discourse and practical application in the classroom.
  • Describe ways to add supports for discourse at the planning table

Culturally Relevant Coaching: Empowering New Teachers - Dr. Carolyn Gadsden Holliday & Danielle Solis

How do coaches equip novice teachers to address the needs of a culturally diverse student population in the classroom? Students of color are more likely to face harsher disciplinary actions than their white peers (Children’s’ Equity Project). According to NAEP data from 2022, students of color scored below their white peers in terms of reading proficiency by 28 points. Effective, quality teacher–student interactions have a positive effect on students’ social emotional, and academic development (Pianta, LaParo, and Hamre, 2008). It is critical that instructional coaches, administrators, and teachers understand CRP to interrogate pedagogical beliefs, curricula, and teaching practices to increase engagement, motivation, and achievement in ALL students in the classroom. In this workshop, the presenters will provide a coaching model/framework to develop/prepare novice teachers to address the challenges of fostering equitable classroom environments and infusing culturally relevant instructional practices into an existing curriculum. This framework is based on research conducted by the lead presenter, Dr. Carolyn Gadsden Holliday.

How are you reigniting your flame? Self Care vs maintenance - Carrie Bushell

Participants will understand the importance of self-care for those in helping careers and know it is ok to focus on themselves and keep their flame lit. Participants will review and recognize the difference between self-care and maintenance. You will leave with examples of mindfulness activities and techniques that you can do and practice at work or any location whenever you need to.

Inspired and Motivational Practices in Coaching - Crista E. Smith

In this presentation, we will be delving into what inspired us to go into this work and what keeps us coming back. Thinking of those moments that lift us up and help us persist through the difficult work, we use our tools and practices to continue toward our end goal. Flexible structures, collaboration with colleagues, and continued learning are the ongoing components that help us stay in the game and refresh our focus and spirit. We use structures like scheduling, organizational tools, and a coaching framework to drive our practices. Purposeful collaboration with other educators and those close to us helps keep our heart in our work and stay in touch with our "why". Our own professional development supports the needs of our teachers and refreshes us as we learn and grow in this profession. In our time together, we will draw from and build on these elements to keep focused on our end goal with an inspired spirit. 

Let's Chat. The five C's to a Great Coaching Conversation - Annette McClintock

The data has been collected. The initial meet and greet has been checked off. Now it’s time to get down to business, but wait …. What should I say? Where do I begin? What do I need to have a great coaching conversation? If these have ever been your questions then this session is for you. I will go through the five C’s for a great coaching conversation and give you resources to support you during your next chat session.

The Power of Data Team Meetings: Coming Off the Low-Performing List - Dr. Lisa Swinson

Lists are a form of power. Attend this session to learn how Dr. Lisa Swinson coaches schools off “The List” through the implementation of weekly data team meetings. Participants will have a defined vision for effective and continuous data use in their school; create a plan for integrating data use utilizing currently existing structures; and develop an understanding of the role of collaborative inquiry in the data analysis process. 

Building Relationships with Educators Using Their Languages of Love and Appreciation - Samantha Shields

Coaches and instructional leaders will learn effective gestures and strategies to corporate in their practice when supporting educators that will help begin to build effective and trustworthy relationships; leading to increased educator retention, improved well-being, and increased environmental morale. 

What if I can't attend?

Can’t join us live? No problem! The Institute is being recorded and ALL registered educators will have access to watch all 5 hours of the Institute for 60 days! You do not need to be present at the live Institute to access the recorded Institute.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a replay of the LIVE Institute?

Yes. All registered individuals will have access to the replay. The replay will be available within 24 hours after the live broadcast. You will receive an email when it is ready. You have 60 days to view the replay.

What time does the MYCI start? How long will it last?

The Institute begins at 11:00 am EST and ends at 4:00 pm EST. There will be a 20-minute break about midway through the Institute.

Once I register, can I just share my link with my team?

Each registration is only valid for one user per registration. If you want to sign up your team or share the Institute with a friend, send them to MindYourCoachingInstitute.com.

Do I have to be an instructional coach to attend?

No. In fact, if you are an aspiring coach or thinking about taking another role in education, this will be perfect for you.

What about refunds?

Read more about the refund polichere.

What about school or district registration?

We can accommodate that, too. Please reach out to Melanie at melanie@literacyatwork.net 

Can I ask you a question?

Sure, just email me aMindYourCoachingInstitute@gmail.com.

About the Host & Keynote Speaker

About Melanie Matthews-Calhoun

​Melanie Matthews-Calhoun is a life-long educator with 25 years of experience in education. She's taught in both elementary and middle school before becoming a national trainer, consultant, instructional coach, and speaker. She loves to improve teacher's instructional and leadership capacities through workshops and webinars.

Melanie works with schools, districts, and organizations nationwide, serving as a thought partner and leader in improving the quality of classroom instruction. She founded Literacy at Work, LLC in 2008 after recognizing a critical need for quality literacy instruction in elementary school. She has since expanded to include training and development for schools and organizational leaders. Her experience coupled with her passion for teaching adult learners around literacy and best coaching practices is why she loves to help educators master the art and craft of coaching. Melanie “cultivates the minds that cultivate the minds”.

Melanie holds a BA in Language Arts from Marygrove College, an MA from the University of Michigan has an active teaching certificate with a Reading Specialist endorsement and was also a National Board Certified Teacher for 10 years. She resides in Metro Detroit with her two children. If you're looking for Melanie, visit any local roller skating rink and you'll find her there enjoying her favorite pastime.

About Dr. Stephanie Affinito

​Stephanie Affinito is an educator in the Department of Literacy Teaching and Learning at the University at Albany in New York. She has a deep love for literacy coaching and supporting teachers’ lifelong learning as readers and writers through technology. She is the author of Literacy Coaching: Teaching and Learning with Digital Tools and Technology and Leading Literate Lives: Habits and Mindsets for Reimagining Classroom Practice and spends her days helping teachers reconnect with their reading and writing lives. You can find her online at www.alitlife.com where she blogs about the power of leading literate lives and podcasts weekly on all things books and reading, notebooks and writing and everything in between.

​You’ll also find her on most social media platforms as @AffinitoLit.

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