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Better Classroom Observations: Getting More Out of What You See

Taking great observation notes that capture everything (or almost everything) you observe can prove to be quite challenging. I mean, how do you write down everything you see and hear? The truth is, observation note taking skills take some time to develop and refine.

Quietly walk into the classroom, find a seat, look around, take notes, leave quietly, review notes, meet with the teacher, and report findings during a conversation.

This is an example of a typical observation cycle. While it’s not broken, in what ways can it can be reved up so you and the teachers you support get the most out of it? I’ll teach you how to do just that in Better Classroom Observations.

During this webinar you will learn what to specifically look for in classrooms even when you think there’s really not that much to observe. You’ll also learn how to take notes based on what actually happens during instruction, and how to report your findings in a nonjudgmental way.

If you are a new coach you must watch this webinar and if you are a veteran coach this will serve as a much needed refresher webinar.

Whether a new or veteran coach, after watching this webinar you will be more than prepared to walk into any classroom quietly, find a seat, take great notes, leave quietly, review your notes, meet with teachers, and have meaningful and robust conversations due to Better Classroom Observations.

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