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2022 Mind Your Coaching Institute

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Join us at the Mind Your Coaching Institute!

The Mind Your Coaching Institute, created by Melanie D. Matthews, is a remarkable one-day, LIVE learning event for educators  looking to transform your ordinary coaching habits into an extraordinary coaching practice. The MYCI is perfect for teacher leaders, aspiring coaches, new coaches, veteran coaches, instructional leaders, and administrators.

Last year, we had the pleasure of Elana Aguilar providing our keynote address. This year we are proud to announce our LIVE keynote speaker, Cassandra Williams, of Educational Innovation 360!

​We also have an amazing lineup of accomplished educators bringing their thoughtfully created sessions to the MYCI. Each speaker's topic is tailored just for this institute and designed to transform and up-level your current coaching strategies. 

If you are ready to be more purposeful and coach with intention, you are definitely in the right place. We welcome you to the 2022 Mind Your Coaching Institute!

The Speakers

The Sessions

"The Complete EdTech Coach: An Organic Approach to Supporting Digital Learning"  Adam Juarez and Katherine Goyette

In the midst of school closures, reopenings, and everything in between, digital learning has become a necessity for all educators. As coaches, how can we support but not overwhelm those we serve in regards to educational technology (edtech). Leave this session with an organic philosophy for edtech coaching, solid pedagogical context, tools for network building, and logistics for the job.

Organic edtech coaching emerges naturally when coaches intentionally spend the time to observe teaching and learning in its natural habitat. In this session, learn how to personalize tech integration for the educators you work with, in a way that empowers and validates them as educators.

Learn to guide teachers in designing learning experiences through the lens of the 4 Cs. When you lead the 4 Cs, the tech takes care of itself. We lead with learning, never with tech.

Technology moves more quickly than we can keep up with. Build your capacity to leverage networks of experts in edtech. Learn go-to edtech social media gurus who are eager to share their knowledge with you.

What does this look like in practice? Learn as we share our experiences of how we navigate edtech coaching on a daily basis. Leave this session with strategies for being a walking coach, connecting with tech-hesitant teachers, building your PLN, and designing an edtech coaching vehicle.

"Culturally Proficient Coaching: Using Values, Beliefs, and Assumptions to ​Breakthrough Barriers" Delores B. Lindsey, Ph.D

Participants will have opportunities to reflect on ways for adapting to and valuing diversity. Culturally Proficient Coaching demonstrates the importance of consciousness as a resource for adapting to diverse and changing communities. The coach’s awareness and knowledge of how to adapt to the influence of various cultures enhances cross-cultural communication skills. When members of organizations institutionalize cultural knowledge they have reached a fundamental step toward systemic change and continuous improvement. This step addresses the oppressive nature of stereotypes, power, bias, and discrimination in schools and communities. Culturally Proficient coaches confront these barriers using Breakthrough Questions to shift thinking from stuck-ness to transformative action.

"The 4-Seasons of Coaching: ​Secrets to a Coaching Culture", Samantha Shields

Participants will gain an awareness & an ability to determine which ‘season’ their coaching is in based on its challenges, successes, and characteristics. Participants will walk away with the understanding that the ‘seasons of coaching’ within their campus can move from one season to another; with the coaching of teachers being strong and blossoming to teachers not even being interested in coaching at various times of the school year.

Participants will gain practical strategies to help them strengthen their campuses coaching culture.

​Coaches will be prompted to brainstorm words, feelings, and ideas that come to mind when they think of a different season of the year. From there they will think back to past times of the year when coaching felt the same. What was coaching like at that time or during that season? How were teachers feeling? What were teachers needing? What are coach-like learning strategies that they can engage their teachers in, based on the given characteristics to take advantage of this time. Coaches will create a tool to help them think back on these ideas later, allowing them to return to the 2022-2023 school year with ideas to help them not remain stuck when authentic coaching Isn’t occurring.

"The Importance of Self-Care for Teachers and Social Emotional Coaching", Chelnor Griffin

In this session, the discussion will center on how to 1) assist your coachee in creating and maintaining a self-care plan, 2) teach the importance of self-care and 3) build a trusting relationship with your coachee. There will be specific directives and plans shared on how to accomplish these goals within your coaching partnership. At the end of this session, coaches will be able to implement a self-care plan with the teachers they coach and build trusting relationships that will make the coaching partnership purposeful, intentional, and effective.

​"Guiding Teachers with Student-centered Writing Instruction", Melissa Morrison

Coaches will gain important information on the vital understandings teachers need in implementing student-centered writing instruction including; explicit skill teaching, knowledge of students' ability levels, management of independent writing, and more. Coaches will hear about the common difficulties teachers have when transitioning to student-centered writing instruction (workshop model) such as; letting go of teacher control in the writing process and incorporating more student engagement and discourse, as well as ways to coach through them. Coaches will walk away with not only an understanding of what is needed for teachers to be effective in teaching writing, but with coaching strategies for supporting their teachers through the process.

"Recharge and Reconnect" Italy Wallace

Teachers and school leaders understand the transformational possibilities that integrating technology can foster. Schools have spent fortunes purchasing digital products and programs to enhance teaching and learning. Yet, the ways in which some educators utilize these technologies are, on the whole, underwhelming. Chromebooks and iPads are sporadic replacements for paper and pencil tasks. While the SMART boards are often used to simple projector material.

That's where technology coaches come in. Even if you are not a technology coach there are tips and tricks in which you can embed and model tech integration in a way that teachers are eager to try new tools and adopts new practices not only to meet a requirement, streamline some of the more mundane tasks but most importantly to ensure equity and access for all learners.

"The Coach’s Role in a ​Professional Learning Cycle" Linda Rhyne

Deming’s continuous improvement cycle: Plan-Do-Check-Act guides much of our professional learning cycles as educators. But what is the instructional coach’s role when teachers are in this cycle? How does a coaching stance differ in its tandem design? In this session, we will explore the parallel stance a coach takes when teachers are in a PDCA cycle and how to teach, support, reflect and advise to impact professional learning outcomes. A key takeaway will be how to use these stances to create a safe and supportive learning environment while also holding teachers accountable for implementing professional learning. Because our society expects teachers to be near-perfect and often teachers expect that of themselves, they miss out on the follow-through and safe practice needed to implement professional learning. Rather than try and fail, they fall back on habits and processes that they feel confident about. Implementing this coaching cycle removes the pressure of being perfect and instead supports safe practice with support. Participants will leave this work session with a coaching cycle plan that is applicable to any professional learning outcome. Video explanation:​

"Aligning Professional Development ​with Coaching" Erica Harrell

In this session coaches will learn to align their coaching to school-wide and district-wide professional development goals through the use of coaching walkthroughs. Each coach will learn to be extremely strategic about how their coaching supports teachers to achieve growth against their school’s professional development goals. This session will lead coaches to set intentions for walkthroughs so that they are looking for teacher and student actions, knowledge and skills related PD goals, what to do during walkthroughs to support teachers and how to plan and respond after the walkthrough. Coaches will leave the session with a clear walkthrough plan based on their school's professional development goals. Each step of the walkthrough planning will provide considerations for virtual learning.

Coaching With Class: Transform the Techie in YOU!, Stephanie D. Jacobs

In our current learning environment, teachers and coaches have been tasked with making a huge shift in how instruction is delivered to students. In this session, we will explore some innovative ways to use technology in a virtual, hybrid, or face-to-face class. How can you maximize the use of your learning management system? What activities will keep students engaged in the learning? We will also take a look at how to use technology tools for our own professional learning and growth. This session is designed to be interactive with opportunities to discuss/share and begin building resources for your own personal toolkit. Whether you identify as a technology newbie or a technology expert, this session is designed to "transform the Techie in YOU"!

"Utilizing Small Group Reading Strategies in the Middle Grades Setting" Nicka Flint

This session focuses on implementing elementary-type strategies in the middle grades setting to help middle school students grow with reading comprehension, fluency, and writing. It is important that students foster a love for reading through reading materials that interests them, work in a group setting in which all opinions and input are important, and they have an opportunity to see their progress in their groups. Middle school is the perfect time to foster small group literacy learning!

"A Coach's Response" Dr. Thania J. Oller

Intentionality in coaching is crucial when providing relevant feedback to teachers regarding teaching practices. However, the term feedback is often seen as evaluative. Instead, let’s approach our conversations with teachers as offering a coach’s response. A response is a reaction. Responses show vitality, vibrancy, and expectation. Responses are about honesty and keeping the conversation going. A coach’s responds to the teaching and learning happening in the classroom.

This session will delve into different kinds of coach responses and how to determine when and why to use each one. Participants will walk away with actionable steps to select and implement coaching responses in their practice.

"Inspiring Teachers; Developing Students" Talisha Mathis

The presentation "Inspiring Teachers; Developing Students" purpose is to communicate how coaches can help increase student achievement, unlock hidden potential in teachers, and encourage teacher leaders to thrive. Coach Talisha will invite her participants to partake in a coaching cycle while learning and understanding how coaches inspire teachers and develop students.

"Coaching Towards Effective Tier 1 Reading Interventions" Shelly Emann

Teaching students to read is one of the most important tasks schools need to accomplish. This isn’t an easy feat as reading is a complex process. The goals of this presentation include equipping attendees with theoretical models of proficient reading, explaining the importance of screening and diagnostic assessments to identify and support students, and sharing resources for tier 1 interventions and progress monitoring. 

What if I can't attend?

Can’t join us live? No problem! The Institute is being recorded and ALL registered educators will have access to watch all 5 hours of the Institute for 30 day! You do not need to be present at the live Institute to access the recorded Institute.

Everybody's a VIP!

This year, we've adopted the "one price fits all" approach where you can enjoy everything for one low price!

  • 5-hour LIVE Institute
  • Institute Replay (30 days)
  • Institute Notebook
  • Vendor Showcase
  • Recorded Sessions
  • Coaching Round Table (Prerecording)
  • Coaching with Intention Mini Video Series
  • Certificate of Attendance​

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a replay of the LIVE Institute?

Yes. All registered individuals will have access to the replay. The replay will be available within 24 hours after the live broadcast. You will receive an email when it is ready. You have 30 days to view the replay.

What time does the MYCI start? How long will it last?

The Institute begins at 11:00 am EST and ends at 4:00 pm EST. There will be a 20-minute break about midway through the Institute.

Once I register, can I just share my link with my team?

Each registration is only valid for one user per registration. If you want to sign up your team or share the Institute with a friend, send them to

Do I have to be an instructional coach to attend?

No. In fact, if you are an aspiring coach or thinking about taking another role in education, this will be perfect for you.

What about refunds?

Read more about the refund polichere.

What about school or district registration?

We can accommodate that, too. Please reach out to Melanie at 

Can I ask you a question?

Sure, just email me

About the Host & Keynote Speaker

About Melanie Matthews

​Melanie Matthews is a life-long educator with 25 years of experience in education. She's taught in both elementary and middle school before becoming a national trainer, consultant, instructional coach, and speaker. She loves to improve teacher's instructional and leadership capacities through workshops and webinars.

Melanie works with schools, districts, and organizations nationwide, serving as a thought partner and leader in improving the quality of classroom instruction. She founded Literacy at Work, LLC in 2008 after recognizing a critical need for quality literacy instruction in elementary school. She has since expanded to include training and development for schools and organizational leaders. Her experience coupled with her passion for teaching adult learners around literacy and best coaching practices is why she loves to help educators master the art and craft of coaching. Melanie “cultivates the minds that cultivate the minds”.

Melanie holds a BA in Language Arts from Marygrove College, an MA from the University of Michigan has an active teaching certificate with a Reading Specialist endorsement and was also a National Board Certified Teacher for 10 years. She resides in Metro Detroit with her two children. If you're looking for Melanie, visit any local roller skating rink and you'll find her there enjoying her favorite pastime.

About Cassandra Williams

Cassandra Williams is a strong advocate for revolutionizing systems.  Before launching Educational Innovation 360°, she spent over 20 years in the education field.  Cassandra received her undergraduate degree in Elementary Education from Southern Illinois University and moved to California State University for Master’s. She began her career in K-12 education teaching elementary school, then eventually providing professional development to teachers and administrators in Los Angeles.  In Indianapolis, she’s opened two elementary schools that have since become models for success in their districts.

Cassandra currently works as a professor in the College of Education at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI).  Her research focuses on coaching teachers to accelerate student achievement.  She and her team often explore video as a learning tool for success in the classroom.  She is the chief designer for the Educational Innovation 360° eInstructional Coaching System.

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