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Instructional Coaches Manifesto

Have you ever stopped to think about what an instructional coach actually does? You’re not alone. Most of us had the same question.

This question goes beyond the job description, it goes just below the surface. Yeah, we know about the duties and responsibilities that are so meticulously outlined in the job description, but what do you really do?

The Instructional Coaches Manifesto answers that question. On the other side of the duties and responsibilities live the qualities and characteristics that make you a dynamic coach.

The Instructional Coaches Manifesto is a document for:

  • Individuals who are aspiring or thinking about instructional coaching.
  • New instructional coaches who are looking for a "framework" for a coaching "philosophy".
  • Veteran coaches to use as a tool to recenter and remember the fundamentals of coaching.

If this does not describe you, this the Manifesto may not be for you. But if you're a lifelong learner, always looking for ways to improve or enhance your practice, then the Instructional Coaches Manifesto is just what you need.

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